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Executive Members

This year's American Marketing Association e-board boasts
members from a variety of backgrounds. 
Amarissa Kerns

A sophomore, Amarissa Kerns is a business management major who is also minoring in marketing.  Amarissa is active in several campus organizations, including the cross country team, the track & field team, the Rio Grande Hiking Club, the Association of Student Athletes, and the Rio Grande Art Club.  Amarissa has also honed her communication skills as a member of the college's social media team.  

As a member of the AMA, Amarissa is hoping to enhance the group's social media presence while exploring various marketing opportunities and skills.

Abrielle Kerns

Abrielle Kerns is a junior from Lancaster, Ohio, who is entering her second year as a member of the Rio Grande AMA.  In addition to the AMA, Abrielle is also a member of the Rio Grande cross-country and track team.


Nathan Davis
VP Membership

Nate is a senior business management major from Pitsburg, Ohio.  In addition to his business degree, Nate is also pursuing a minor in marketing.  As a first-year AMA member, he hopes to use his office as VP of Membership to double the group's membership.  

When not in class, Nate is a member of Rio Grande's track and field team.

Patrick McDonald
VP Finance

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Patrick McDonald is a junior business management major with a minor in a marketing.  In addition to AMA, Patrick is also a member of Rio Grande's rugby team and a member of the Archon fraternity.  Patrick hopes to explore various marketing opportunities and skills as a member of the AMA.

Rio AMA Invert.tiff
Lazarus Ratuniyauravu
VP Community Service

From Seattle, Washington, Lazarus Ratuniyauravu is a sophomore business management major.  When not attending AMA meetings, Lazarus is involved in the campus's rugby team.

Nalah Kirkendall
VP Communications

Nalah is a sophomore business management major from Wheelersburg, Ohio, who is also minoring in information technology.  As a first-year member of the Rio Grande, Nalah is looking forward to enhancing the organization's social media presence.

Wesley Thoene
Faculty Advisor

Wesley Thoene has served as the faculty advisor for the Rio Grande AMA since its inception in 2006.  When not teaching marketing, management, and economics at Rio, Wesley spends time with his wife and sons. 

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